Print Systems' Order & Production Policy

It is the goal of Print Systems, Inc. to have the EXACT labels you need, AT the site you need, WHEN you need them.

In order to accomplish this goal, efficient coordination is needed between us and our customers. Therefore, as a customer, you need to know how we operate so we can best serve you and your needs.

Our work begins with your order. You can place orders with us via e-mail or fax 24/7. We can take telephone orders during the hours our Order Processing Department is open, but you will be asked to e-mail or fax confirming instructions to us as support for your order. If placing an order that will be shipped outside the immediate Houston, Texas area, include the e-mail address of the person in your company needing the UPS tracking number to check the status of the shipment as it is in transit, if necessary.

Hours of Order Processing & Label Production (all times CST or CDST): 

• Monday thru Thursday 7 hours each day 8:00 a.m. 'til 3:00 p.m. 
• Friday 4 hours 8:00 a.m. 'til 12:00 noon.

Our Label Production Department begins each day with a production schedule from orders placed previously.

Our Order Processing Department begins to enter and schedule orders received from e-mails and faxes since late the previous day and overnight.

All shipping carriers are scheduled to arrive mid-afternoon for package pick-up and getting your time sensitive labels on the road to their destination to arrive when they are needed.

• Most average orders (Quantities up to 500): Most orders received before 12:00 noon will ship the same day as received. Many are orders placed about a week ahead of when they will be applied to the product. If we receive an order on Monday after 12:00 noon, it will ship no later than Tuesday. If shipped via UPS ground (most economical) the labels would arrive anytime from Wednesday thru the following Monday, depending upon the distance the destination is from our plant in Houston, Texas. Most ordering locations know their delivery time from Houston and incorporate that into the lead time of the order so shipping costs can be kept to a minimum.

• Large Orders need longer production lead times (1,000 – 10,000+): In most cases customers need a portion of the order quickly (shipped Next Day or 2nd Day) with the remaining amount of the order shipping later via UPS ground (cheapest).

• Overnight Orders: If labels being ordered on one day absolutely need to be on site the next day, the order MUST be received by 12:00 noon. If an overnight order is received after 12:00 noon AND the order is small (1 – 500) we MAY be able to get it printed and shipped in time (subject to Rush Charge – see below). Due to the time it takes to produce the labels, we cannot always guarantee overnight next day delivery for orders received after 12:00 noon.

• International Shipments: UPS works closely with us in expediting/expressing label shipments to international destinations. They are aware that our shipments contain labels that must be delivered on a timely basis. However, sometimes governmental Customs Offices overseas can be uncooperative and delay the arrival of labels. When this occurs, status updates can be readily obtained on the UPS website ( using the tracking number. When placing an order for international shipping, BE SURE to include the e-mail address of the person in your company needing the UPS tracking number. Notification of tracking number will be sent the day the package is shipped from Houston, Texas.

• Rush Charge Policy: Any order/shipments needing production and shipping outside the normal hours of operation above will be subject to an additional RUSH CHARGE of at least $50.00 (minimum). The charge may be greater depending upon the quantity of additional production hours involved in fulfilling the order. 

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